Eguzkine Zerain opened her Lanzarote studio to the public in 2013, solidifying the unique relationship that exists between her art and her clients. Her work strikes the perfect balance between beauty and function—shaped as much by the artist’s hands as it is by the hands of those it will finally end up in.

Eguzkine has called Lanzarote home for over twenty years, and although the influence and energy of the island are evident across her work, these parallels are rarely conscious. Her process is mostly intuitive, her hand-made approach meaning every piece is entirely bespoke and full of character. Pieces feel organic, as if emerging from nature with purpose —whether it is the cups that seem to mould to the touch, or the slight relief in a serving platter that creates an ideal space for condiments. Each element feels expertly planned and yet effortlessly formed. As in nature, their beauty lies in their imperfection.

Previously working in reconstructive archaeology, Eguzkine’s work is both a continuation of an ancient Canarian tradition as much as it is a continually evolving modern art form. She carries with her an acute awareness of every piece’s end purpose, knowing that alongside its beauty, it is art with a second life—to be passed around, eaten from and shared with friends and family for decades to come.

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